One of the most exciting events for musicians is to have recordings in the top ten. Unfortunately, only a few musicians are able to sustain a string of top-ten hits, but many people can share in their coveted awards. Although stars may sometimes stand on stage by themselves, other people have planned and orchestrated the event. One way that musicians with average talent can increase their chances to share in coveted awards is to hold a Music Business Administration degree.

A Degree That Opens Doors

People who want to work in the performing arts are aware of the fierce competition. They know that many more fail than succeed. They also know that successful performers earn a lot of money. What they don’t know is that successful performers who earn a lot of money need business managers to help them use their money more efficiently. That is why Music Business Administration degrees open doors.

Music Degrees

People with music degrees do not need to be excellent performers. They can be composers, arrangers, songwriters or work in one of many other career related fields. Performers always need new material and media to record it. Songwriters need people to pitch their songs to publishers.

According to Career Planner.com the job outlook for music related fields should continue its growth through 2016. It is difficult to determine the salary for performing artist because there is a wide variance in the number of hours they work.

Business Administration Degrees

The curriculum for business administration prepares students for all phases of business operations. Accounting, marketing, inventory control and supply chain management are a few of the phases of business that the business administrator must work with in order tokeep the business running efficiently.. In addition, technology advancements have created new business careers that are constantly changing. The business administration degree prepares the student to work with both business applications and technology.

People with business administration backgrounds can later specialize in accounting, finance, marketing or other specialized business field because the business administration degree has already prepared the student with a solid foundation. However, it is the general knowledge of the business operations that enable the holder of the degree to plan profits, cash flow, supply chain management and other operations to keep the business running profitably and efficiently.

According to National Association of Colleges and Employers, the median starting salary for business administration graduates in 2012 was $49, 200. Since the skills and knowledge of people with business administration degrees are essential to business, those people should find many job opportunities in any economic condition.

Combining Music and Business

A Music Business Administration degree is an excellent choice for anyone in the performing arts. Performers will not have time to do the detailed work of the administrator, but they will be knowledgeable when discussing business transaction with their managers. In addition, the performers may be able to suggest things that the manager has overlooked.

With the Music Business Administration degree, people who are more gifted in business than in performing may discover the opportunity to present a new song or arrangement t6hat the4 administrator has completed. The networking opportunities could lead to a new and more rewarding career.

Online Music Business Administration Degree

The busy performer can easily get a degree online. Since the classes are available 24/7, they may be taken at the student’s convenience. People who are working in the business end of the music field might consider an on line degree so that they can write songs or arrange music for the performers. They might even study together and learn from each other. Learning new things can build brighter futures.